Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience – Week 3

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My daughter just completed Week 3 of the Life Hacks Summer Workshop at LEAD Tutorial Center in Mandaluyong. Week 1 details here, Week 2 here.

Their third week began with a field trip to a nearby BDO branch. Since they learned about Philippine currency the previous week, the next session was an application of what they learned. My daughter said they filled out a deposit slip and they even gave it to the teller.

Practice lang, though, since we didn’t give her any amount to deposit (and she doesn’t have a bank account yet).

Life Hacks Summer Workshop: Banking and Finance - LEAD Tutorial Center Mandaluyong
Yup, that’s where the kids went last week. Photo courtesy of Ms. CJay Bautista of LEAD Tutorial and Preschool.

The second day, their teacher taught them traditional Filipino games, particularly piko. It’s the Filipino version of hopscotch, so it’s pretty familiar with my kid. The point of teaching this to kids is that nowadays, most Filipino kids are stuck with their gadgets. Only a handful are seen outside playing traditional street games. Teaching kids piko and other traditional games opens their eyes to the joys of playing street games. Traditional games teach them a lot of things, including patience, perseverance, and camaraderie.

On the third day of that week’s Life Hacks session (the workshop happens 3 times a week for 4 weeks), the kids learned to cook simple dishes. I asked my daughter what they prepared, and she said it was a loaf dipped in egg. Maybe French toast? She doesn’t know, LOL! To be honest, at home, my kid doesn’t really go near the stove at my behest. I worry that she may get burnt or something might happen so she’s relegated to the preparation part (especially when making pancakes). So maybe after this activity she can practice cooking the pancakes, too? Let’s see. 😛

[EDIT: So after days of squeezing out information from her on what they cooked, I learned that it was SPAM dipped in egg. LOL! Now I understand — she doesn’t eat SPAM (or any luncheon meat) and maybe because it was sliced thick so she thought it was bread. LOL!]

They’re on their fourth and last week of the summer workshop and they’ll be having their culminating activity on Sunday. Wonder what they’ll do, hehe!

Also, probably after the workshop, we’ll open a kiddie savings account for my eldest. So that she’ll be able to continue what she’s learned during the workshop. 🙂


  1. Dovile

    It seems they had good time!

    4 years ago
    • Michelle

      Yes, they did. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

      4 years ago

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