Eldest’s Life Hacks Workshop Experience + Culminating Activity – Week 4

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Since last month, I’ve been sharing to you my kid’s experience at the Life Hacks Workshop of LEAD Tutorial and Preschool. See Week 1 here, Week 2 here, and Week 3 here.

Week 4 was basically a revalida (or review — what a big word, LOL!) of what they learned for the past weeks and practice time for their Culminating Activity. During the Parent-Teacher session over the weekend, their teacher shared to us her observation regarding my daughter while in class. She said that my daughter was very willing to learn and was quick to understand the day’s lessons. She also does not hesitate to ask assistance from the teacher when she needs it. But the teacher also mentioned that my daughter sometimes gets easily frustrated when she fails to perform her tasks the first time. Teacher suggested to offer encouragement. She feels that this is what my daughter wants to receive when she feels down. She also told us to let her read her school lessons in advance so that she’s able to cope better.

Hmm, would try that this school year. Advanced lessons for my kid, especially for Math. Sama rin ako sa advanced reading, haha!

The highlight of Week 4 is actually their Culminating Activity or Performance Day. The preschoolers and grade schoolers of the Life Hacks Workshop sang and danced to the delight of everybody.

Life Hacks Workshop Culminating Activity - LEAD Tutorial and Preschool
The kids performing the opening prayer

Eldest and her peers’ performance reflected what they learned in the summer workshop: washing their clothes, washing the dishes, washing the car (washed everything!), and cooking.

One of the activities during the workshop was writing a story. Hubby and I thought that it was just a refresher of the English subject (they are also a tutoring service after all). Little did we know that the 6-chapter stories they made would be turned into a mini-book by their teacher.

Life Hacks Workshop
The book-bound mini-books and their cover artworks, all done by the grade school kids.
Life Hacks Summer Workshop - Culminating Activity
The kids took home a copy of their stories. Another copy of each book will be kept by LEAD Tutorial and Preschool.

LEAD owner/board director Talis Bautista didn’t know about it, either, he told us after the program. It was nice of the teacher to do this initiative.

All the kids also received certificates and special awards. My kid got the “Eager Beaver” award. I guess they saw that she was always excited to do stuff when she’s in class.

Life Hacks Summer Workshop - LEAD Tutorial and Preschool
The kids flanked by Engr. Talis Bautista, CJay Bautista, and Teacher Ally.
Life Hacks Summer Workshop - LEAD Tutorial Mandaluyong
With their mentors, Teachers Ally and Angel

Well, she always was, actually. I mean, she cried when she had fever and had to skip just one day of class. I can’t forget the way she pleaded to me over text, telling me to take her to LEAD, hahaha!

Hubby and I are grateful that our daughter was given the chance to participate in the Life Hacks Workshop. To be honest, I would have enrolled her to a dance or swimming class had we not encountered this one. But hubby saw that our daughter would learn something here that she can take with her anywhere and as she grows up.

That’s why, in behalf of my hubby and daughter, I want to thank everyone at LEAD Tutorial and Preschool in Mandaluyong. The mentors, Teacher Ally and Teacher Angel, for their energy and patience. Miss Ellaine who always made it a point to stay in touch with us (even since the trial class). And most especially to Engr. Talis and Ms. CJ Bautista for giving us — my kid — this wonderful opportunity to experience the unique Life Hacks Workshop (also to their kids Travis and the adorable Aleci).

I really recommend this kind of workshop to parents who have young kids. And I’m glad to hear that the Bautistas are planning to extend this kind of workshop to key provincial areas. At a time where children are being spoonfed and left entitled, a class like the Life Hacks Workshop is a blessing. It teaches them to be independent, to be critical thinkers, and to be brave and resourceful even at an early age.

I sure hope that my eldest take these lessons to heart and apply it to her life.

Next time, it’s the little one’s turn. 🙂

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