Falling in love over coffee, Starbucks-style

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A cup of coffee is magical. Not only does it wake up your senses and fuel your soul for the day, but it also serves as a catalyst for connecting with other people — forming friendships, forging relationships, and, sometimes, leading to happy endings.

This is the true for two couples who began their relationship with good conversations over Starbucks Coffee.

Starbucks Philippines - Love Story
Alvin and Deborah

Take the case of Alvin and Deborah, who met up at Starbucks i2 Point in Cebu after being introduced to each other through Facebook by a common friend. On that first meeting, they bonded over Java Chip Frappuccino, Caramel Frappuccino, and Cinnamon Roll. In less than a month, they made their relationship official.

After three years, Alvin, a self-proclaimed poet, proposed to Deborah through a 14-stanza poem. “I gave her one stanza of the poem every month during our coffee dates at Starbucks. It started on September 25, 2013, and went on for a year. After that, I never wrote her a poem again. I decided to fulfill my plan to propose to her last March 25, 2015 and created photo slides of us with each stanza of the poem in it, but now with the culminating stanza asking her to be my wife,” Alvin shared.

Last year, they had their prenuptial photoshoot at the Starbucks store where they first met. They are now married for eight months and expecting their firstborn very soon.

Starbucks Philippines - Love Story
Luis and Jet

Meanwhile, Luis and Jet were part of a study group that met regularly at Starbucks to review for the board exams. One Sunday after the exams, they met again at Starbucks just to read books and spend some time together, until a barista invited them to join a coffee seminar.

They obliged and had a wonderful coffee experience by discovering the different growing regions and types of coffee. After the seminar, they got to know each other on a more personal level as they were able to talk more comfortably. “That same day, I came to know that he loves to go to the movies and dreams about being Batman. He also allowed me to share a laugh with him about his funny childhood antics, which I still laugh about to this very moment. The coffee experience loosens up people and makes them more comfortable, and I think this is why the term ‘COCOL’ (Coffee-Coffee Lang) also became popular,” Jet shared. They agreed to attend the following week’s coffee seminar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now about to get married, they still remember that first time they had a good conversation and the friendly faces of the baristas who invited them to the coffee seminar.

You wouldn’t think love stories like these can start over coffee, at a place where people get together to bond and enjoy each other’s company. But from the very start, Starbucks has strived to be the third place between home and work. And it’s here where one can form and keep meaningful relationships.

Keeping in the spirit of encouraging meaningful connections over good coffee, Starbucks is inviting you to its Meet Me at Starbucks For a Date Night. This event happens on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, at the following stores:

  • EVIA Daang Hari in Las Pinas (from 6 to 8 PM)
  • The Venice Grand Canal in Taguig (from 6 to 8 PM)
  • Axis Entertainment Center in Cebu (from 7 to 9 PM)
  • E-Lopez in Quezon City (from 7 to 9 PM)

There will be live performances, food and beverage sampling, and special treats to attendees.

Celebrate love over a cup of your favorite handcrafted beverages and share your photos and stories at www.meetmeatstarbucks.ph – because good things happen when you get together.

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