Father’s Day Thoughts: 3 Best Lessons My Dad Taught Me

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. And in this post, I would like to honor the man of the house (yeah, ‘coz we’re living in his abode) by listing down the best lessons he taught me.

Father's Day
My dad and the family (minus my sister and youngest brother) during his birthday celebration

To be honest, my dad and I don’t see eye to eye sometimes. He’s strict, sometimes moody. He also has high standards that my siblings and I “should” meet. Regardless, he is a good provider and I can see that he loves my mom very much.

Throughout our lives, he has taught us a lot of lessons. There are 3 that stood out for me, though, and I apply it in my everyday life.

1. Always come into an appointment 30 minutes before the actual schedule.

My dad worked as a manager in a bank before and he would always have meetings with clients. And when it comes to meetings, he wants to come in early. It’s most probably because it shows professionalism.

When I was looking for employment after graduation, he’d drive me to my interview appointments. And sometimes, we would really arrive super early. I’m quite fidgety with waiting times, but he said that it’s better to be at the venue early. Being late would make it look like you’re not taking things seriously and you don’t handle things in a professional manner. For him, being earlier is better than being on time, haha!

And that’s why some of my friends would quip, “Ako lang ba late? O maaga ka lang?” LOL!

2. When drinking, make sure to have pulutan.

No, seriously, he told me that. I never drank any alcohol until I was in college. One time, during a family gathering, I asked how beer tasted like. So he made me try it. And he told me that lesson above. He says having pulutan, be it just peanuts or chicharon, would keep alcohol from going to your head. I have no idea if that has been scientifically proven but I’m happy to say that I haven’t experienced being dead drunk ever.

3. Scrimp of everything except food.

I remember one time when I was in college, when I was doing OJT. I lost weight back then because I was always on the move. He gave me that advice, maybe because he was not used to seeing my collarbone, LOL! (I was a chubby kid, actually.)

Up until now he tells me that. He doesn’t like when he feels like I’m buying “too cheap” food for my kids. Ayaw niya ring ginugutom ang mga apo. As a lolo, he would give in to my kids’ request for Jollibee or ice cream or anything food. And he himself likes to eat, too. So I guess that’s why he thinks like that. Food is life for him. And I think that’s also the reason why I have this love for food, too.

There are a lot more lessons he taught us but it’s those 3 that make it to the top of my list. They may range from logical to weird, but hey, I think they’re pretty practical. And these 3 actually sum up the kind of dad I have. 🙂

To all the dads in the world (and to my hubby, too), Happy Father’s Day!


  1. mariavictoriagalang

    wow!! your Dad is cool hahahahah love his advice about pulutan!! please send my greetings to him

    5 years ago
    • Michelle

      Thank you! 😀

      5 years ago

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