First Day High (and low)

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A rundown of adventures for Zee’s first day of school, which happened today:

– Didn’t wake up to the sound of the alarm. Guess staying up late to see who won at Your Face Sounds Familiar did it. Good thing my sister woke me up. That was 4 AM.

– I filed for remote work schedule this week, to help my daughter adjust to the first day of school. We enrolled her to a different school this year, so we knew there would be challenges that came with the new environment. I knew she would need my support.

– Came in early in school, about 45 minutes before the start of the class. Zee told me to stay. I told her I’ll just be outside the gates, because the school did not allow parents inside the school premises during class time.

– I kinda lied about being just outside the gates. I went home (the school is just a short distance from where I live) because I had to work. My parents took care of Baby Ayla.

– Before going home, I got to meet some parents. One had a daughter in Zee’s class as well. Luckily, she’s also in the school service that will take my daughter home after class. Another mom had a Grade 5 daughter in the same school, and that particular mom vouched for the school. She said her kids who went/are going there had/have good foundations in academics and values. That really made me happy — I believe hubby and I enrolled Zee in a good school.

– Zee’s class ends around 2 PM. I went back to school around 1:30 PM. Was with other parents, making short chitchat. When the guard signaled the dismissal of the Grade 1 pupils, some of the other moms and I went inside. And, just as Zee’s lola has suspected, she looked like she just cried. Which she did, because she got upset that she couldn’t find me in the school premises.

– We finally got to meet the school service driver. Hubby got to talk to him last week but he didn’t come by our house over the weekend so that my daughter could meet him. His name is Ulysses, but we can call him Jhong. Uh, okay.

– While checking her things upon arriving home, I found out that Zee barely touched her lunch. That was probably the time she cried because I wasn’t in school. Her snacks were gone, so I assumed she ate them.

– Checked her notebooks and books. No homework yet. Much to be desired about her handwriting, though (we’ll get there soon). And there’s an invitation to a classmate’s birthday party this Friday. I take it as my daughter’s opportunity to befriend her classmates, and mine to be friends with the parents, too. Hehe!

– The students have to bring the books and notebooks daily to school. Goodness, I feel like they’re ants, carrying 10 times more than their body weight. Poor children.

Ah well, I’m pretty sure the school adventures don’t stop here.

At least Zee and I survived the first day of school. Hopefully things get better in the coming days.

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