First Day High, Redux

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I know it’s been a while since I last had a blog entry. Got busy because I was on a mad rush to complete my checklist for the kids’ first day of school. Also, that weekend, we celebrated hubby’s birthday and Father’s Day.

But my real focus was on the back-to-school stuff. Well, for my eldest, it was really “back-to-school.” For bunso, it was her first day of school ever.

First Day of School - Hits and Mrs.
The kids striking a pose for their first day at school

Unlike her Ate whom we enrolled for summer class before she went to Nursery, bunso went straight to regular school. No formal training, whatsoever. She still mumbles her sentences (although she can say something in a complete sentence) and still doesn’t have a strong pencil grasp. Anyways, the school said that the Nursery-level kids would be taught to read and write during the school year. And we’ve got some books and learning materials for the little one as well.

I got to observe the bunso during the first 2 days of school. And I realized afterwards that she’s so different from her Ate. Not that I want them to be the same, of course that’s not possible. I just noticed that when Eldest was in Nursery, she seemed to enjoy the environment at once. She even shooed me away from the classroom. And by the end of the first day of school, she had “best friends,” LOL!

My youngest, on the other hand, was pretty quiet. She didn’t cry when I left her in the room with the other kids. Although she did give some of her crying classmates the eye, haha! Her teacher also said that she was quiet but she was responsive to instructions. And she kissed her teacher when we were about to leave, LOL!

I hope my kid warms up to the other children soon.


Ah, school days. This is that time of the year that the Mrs. gets stressed a lot, LOL! Having a day job with a two-hour (one-way) travel between home and office takes quite a toll on me. Also, my current workplace isn’t that very flexible with regards to time (and generous with leaves, haha!) so I really have to balance my skeds. Maybe I’d have a chat with my supervisor so she can give me a more flexible schedule? Crossing my fingers on that one…

Also, hubby and I need to save up more, since we already have 2 school kids. Lessen unnecessary expenses, probably sell some stuff that we can (would he part ways with his model kits?).

Well, here’s hoping we survive this school year with flying colors.

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