First day high

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So it was my little girl’s first day of school today.

Trying on her uniform and shoes a day before her first day of school.

She’s pretty excited, because she’ll be in a familiar place (the school she’s attending was where she enrolled for summer class some months back) and will be seeing old and new faces, too. Brave little girl, my daughter was one of the few kids who were chill when parents were asked to go out of the classroom.

I thought she’d be well-behaved in class, but I heard she made one of her classmates cry. I don’t know, two grandparents of kids who attended the same class said that she was making “tukso” the other kid. I don’t know if she’s capable of that. I know that she has this knack for asking kids stuff until they got irritated. Hehe. Good thing the kid’s mom was cool about it — she probably knew that some children will be like that.

Ah, it was not unlike during summer class. She also made another kid cry. As a parent, I can only do much in keeping her in line. All I can do is tell her, after class, that what she did wasn’t right. And hope that she remembers what I said the next day, when she enters the classroom.

Well, I guess that’s all I can do for now. Tell her that she needs to be nice to others. She’s still in nursery, though, but I hope her little heart and mind can understand this concept.

The first day of school. And so another mommy adventure begins.

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