Flash Plus 2: A Smartphone That’s Truly More Than Metal

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There’s a new smartphone in town, and its combination of functionality and sophistication will surely catch your eye. Presenting the Flash Plus 2.

The Flash Plus 2 is the follow-up version of the Flash Plus that was released in the country mid-2015. There are a number of notable features on the Flash Plus 2 that suit the tastes and preferences of today’s mobile users. First is the metal framework that gives the phone a better feel. It came through horizontal wire-drawing, high-speed side sand-blasting, ultralight rim diamond cutting, and twice anodization to offer a sense of warmth and vigor, be it with the smooth Luna Silver or stunning Venus Gold variant.

Second is its improved fingerprint technology compared to the previous Flash Plus model. The fingerprint recognition has a 0.5sec unlocking mode after “switch off” screen status and all-around accurate recognition. It also allows for personalized app launch options that correspond to the user’s fingerprints. And for added security, it has a documents protection cabinet where privacy information is stored and encrypted with a fingerprint. This makes the Flash Plus 2 “the perfect assistant of life and office efficiency in just a flick.”

Third is the enhanced entertainment and sound experience, as it has high-fidelity earphone acoustics, high sound volume effects, and MIX music production. The Flash Plus 2 also has an independent AKM4375 audio decoding chip coupled with an IRD sound digital filter, with value-retaining signal output measuring up to high-fidelity acoustic effects. The speaker power volume of the Flash Plus 2 is much greater than the average smartphones, thanks to the NXP980 power amplification chip and built-in DSP algorithm.

Fourth is its upgraded camera features that allow you to take your shooting skills to the next level. The main 13MP camera adopts the integration of PDAF and contrast focusing with merely 0.1sec of focal alignment so you can take better snapshots of moving subjects, whether in light or dark. The 5MP front lens, meanwhile, now has a LED flash lamp with CRI up to 80 while the red spectrum is intelligently enhanced for selfie or video-chatting conditions. And with ruddy facial effect, the Flash Plus 2 offers 100% real-time facial enhancement function to capture beautiful moments.

Lastly, the Flash Plus 2 has fast-charging capabilities. The battery has a fast-charging chip that lets power or battery life reach 50% after just 30 minutes of charging. Perfect for on-the-go users who need to stay connected or be constantly entertained.

You’ll be surprised that such features, all packed in a sleek metal case, won’t cost you a fortune — the Flash Plus 2 is pegged at just PHP 6,990. And you can get it exclusively at Lazada on May 31, 2016.

Flash Plus 2 at Lazada

For hip, mobile individuals who want a stylish yet practical phone that suits their fast-paced lifestyle, the Flash Plus 2 is for you. For more information and phone specifications, visit http://www.flash3c.com/ph.

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