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Well, that’s what greeted us late Saturday afternoon.

Monsoon rains enhanced by tropical storm Karding (international name: Yagi) caused widespread flooding in Metro Manila and Rizal province. And yes, we were affected by it. Again.

The rains started Saturday morning. Hubby and I thought that it would somehow stop by early afternoon. But the rains continued to pour — really heavy rains and no winds. It was the same with typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) in 2009.

Although the flooding wasn’t as bad as Ondoy, Karding still left us with some floodwaters to deal with.

Waters rose pretty fast, too, so we really had to hurry and put all our valuables on higher ground. And relocate to the extra room, which was the 2nd floor of our old general merchandise store.

Tropical Storm Karding Yagi
Our flooded home. At the time hubby took this photo, the floodwaters haven’t reached peak levels.

I think the waters stopped rising by midnight or in the wee hours of Sunday. When we woke up, the floodwaters at our street went up to about a meter or so. Inside the house, it was about knee-deep. But by noontime, the waters have subsided.

And again, we had lots of mud to clean up. But because we put up our things far from the floodwater’s reach, cleaning and disinfecting was easier (also because we had some help). Majority of what had to be cleaned was my mom’s china collection (which isn’t really a “collection,” just gifts from friends and relatives).

Still, the flooding was a bit of a hassle. In fairness to the local government, they did some initiatives that mitigated flooding. It’s just that the river affecting our area came close to overflowing. Whenever the river reaches 20 meters high and the rains aren’t stopping, we can expect flooding to happen.

Doesn’t help that we live in a low-lying area. Hopefully there will be a solution to lessen these kinds of situations. Am really dreaming of a time when we’ll never have to experience this again.

Here’s hoping for the best.

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