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During the Work at Home Expo 2015 last Saturday, I saw a number of interesting booths. One of the first ones that I dropped by was Isabel Bakes (because they were near the door and my friend Ria was checking out their goodies). It was almost lunchtime then and my tummy was about to complain. So when we were given some samples of their cookies, my head was like, “ME WANT SOME!!!” You know, like Cookie Monster.

Work at Home Expo 2015
The booth of Isabel Bakes and some of the goodies they were selling that day.

I got to taste samples their chocolate cookie, which was of the dark kind and made of tablea; the mango cookie that was composed of oatmeal, mango bits, honey, and brown sugar; and the lemon and orange cheesecake cookies. And boy, was my mind blown away at how delicious they all were. I couldn’t resist — I bought one of the Mango Cookies (PHP 25) and a pack of the Orange Cheesecake Bites (PHP 50).

Isabel Bakes
Orange Cheesecake Bites from Isabel Bakes. This didn’t make it until Monday.

Sorry, didn’t get to take a photo of the Mango Cookie. I couldn’t help eating it immediately. Almost didn’t share it with hubby because it was soooooo yummy.

I opened the Orange Cheesecake Bites the following day, devoured it within 2 hours (but with the help of hubby and my parents — see, I shared!). My parents actually loved this one. They liked that it wasn’t too sweet.

Really, this was one of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. And I’d really like to order some more. They don’t have a physical store yet, I think, but from their Facebook Page, some of their baked goods are served at Cool Beans Cafe in Maginhawa (kinda far from where I live, tsk).

I really hope they open a physical store soon, but for now, Isabel Bakes can be reached on Facebook or through mobile at 09175025314 and email at

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