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Today, my baby turns 4 years old.

Zee, photo taken by her uncle.
Zee, photo taken by her uncle.

It’s one of those days that I say, “I can’t believe she’s a year older.” Moms will always remember the days when they were just a dot in that ultrasound photo, when they felt those labor pains, and when they heard their first cry while on that operating table.

I remember everything, save for the labor pains — I had a sore throat and fever then (yeah, I’ve written about this before, a year ago). I remember, too, when I first held her to breastfeed. I was so scared then because she was so little and fragile.

But days move fast. And now she can speak a lot of words, draw shapes, write letters and numbers, etc.

She is now 4 years old.

But she still will be my baby girl.

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