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It’s the middle of summer already in the Philippines and there may be some parents who are still looking for a great activity for their kids. Well, you don’t have to look any further as MILO opens its second wave of the MILO Summer Sports Clinics.

Running from May until June in over 700 venues in the country, this annual program offers a wide array of exciting sports activities that any child can participate in. This is in line with the brand’s longstanding advocacy to “Get Your Child Into Sports.” So rather than leaving your child with a gadget in hand, why not encourage him or her to get active while learning from expert coaches and instructors? Plus, they can develop the values of discipline, hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and confidence while enrolled here.

The MILO Summer Sports Clinics continues to provide training in various sports and disciplines. These include Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Fencing, Football, Futsal, Golf, Gymnastics, Karatedo, Lawn Tennis, Parkour, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Touch Rugby, and Volleyball. And for this year, MILO adds Arnis, Ultimate Frisbee, and Wushu to its roster. Indeed, there’s a sport for every kid in the MILO Summer Sports Clinics.

Actually, there can be more than one sport for your kid. That I learned when I had the privilege of attending a sampler of the sports program at The City Club at Alphaland Makati Place (of course, it was my eldest who really joined in the activities). The participating kids were able to spend a few good minutes each in Gymnastics, Basketball, Taekwondo, Ultimate Frisbee, and Parkour. Yes, all five sports.

MILO Summer Sports Clinics Media Sampler - Gymnastics
Eldest being guided on the balance beam
MILO Summer Sports Clinic - Taekwondo
The kids learned some stances and kicks during the Taekwondo sampler
MILO Summer Sports Clinic - Frisbee
One of the newest sports offered in the annual program, Ultimate Frisbee
MILO Summer Sports Clinics Media Sampler
MILO Executives Luigi Pumaren and Lester P. Castillo with the coaches, instructors, and participants

I asked my daughter which one she liked and she said both Gymnastics and Parkour. And she really sweat it out that day. She went home tired but happy. Although I knew she would have wanted a sample of Volleyball (she’s quite a fan of the sport). Hmm, maybe I’ll check that out some time.

Anyhoo, if you want to learn more of the MILO Summer Sports Clinics, visit You can also drop by its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for more details.

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  1. Yocana

    Wow that’s amazing so many activities. They are doing such an lovely thing for the kids. So important to get them doing activities

    3 years ago

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