Getting un-sheltered

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I’ve never admitted it to anyone, but prior to my marriage I have been living a sheltered single life. By “sheltered” I mean I had someone to do things for me. Household chores were limited, sweeping and dusting were done by the household help (I had asthma when I was younger, too), even to a point where I didn’ really learn how to cook!

Now that hubby and I are living on our own, I cook rice (no viands yet, still have to buy a fridge and a stove), I clean the house, I wash the dishes, I wash hubby’s underthings, even iron some stuff.

Believe me, that’s already a feat.

My parents and grandma give me this “look” everytime I tell them that I can do those things. Being one of their babies, I guess that’s a normal reaction (coming from them who have sheltered me all my life). Guess it will take some time before they get convinced.

And it will take me some time to “un-shelter” myself and do the wife duties to utter perfection.

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