Go Manny!

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It was expected: Manny Pacquiao, despite being smaller than Antonio Margarito, will win the fight.

It’s not just his speed but also his strong punches that reduced the Tijuana Tornado to a pulp.

What I didn’t expect, though, was something he did — or did not — do on the latter rounds, when Margarito’s face was all swollen. There I saw not just a great boxer, but a noble fighter as well.

He wanted the fight to stop because his opponent was already suffering from the cuts, bruises, and wounds. He said, “Boxing is not for killing each other.” He further stated that he did not want to damage Margarito permanently. And because of that, he tried motioning for the referee to stop the bout.

While people would’ve wanted for Pacman to deliver a knockout, I found it admirable that he chose to hold back instead. Imagine if he did throw more punches… what would happen to Margarito’s career, which he was trying to revive?

Boxing is not about killing. And because of that, my respect for Pacquiao grew even more.

Speed, strength, skill, and heart. These are the things that make a champion. And Manny Pacquiao has them all.

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