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Today marks the first live appearance of the Starbucks 2010 planner. Live because it has been blogged days before at Dessert Comes First (I don’t know if it’s the first to blog about it, but I saw it here first). But on this day, you can actually see and feel it when you go over the counter of any Starbucks branch in Manila.

The 2010 planner comes in three different covers. See for yourself here:

starbucks planners
The Starbucks 2010 Planners

The first one shows the coffee plant, the second the grinding of the beans, and the third one has seems to have a shot of espresso. They all have a bookmark, too, like last year’s (but unlike in 2009, the end of this year’s bookmark has a silver coffee bean). What differentiates each design, aside from the cover photo, are the textures of the outside, which range from rough to velvety.

And of course, with the arrival of the 2010 planners come the special flavors. Making their comeback are Dark Cherry Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte, and Peppermint Mocha. Yes, I can indulge in them now!

And like the other past years, you get a sticker when you order a drink from Starbucks. Yup, the sticker collecting phase is back. Nine stickers are allotted for the Holiday flavors, eight for the regular ones.

I’ve never had a chance to complete collecting the stickers for the Starbucks planner. And my pregnancy made me miss those special flavors last year. So this year, I’ll try collecting all the stickers and get my first ever planner. I bought a small Peppermint Mocha, which earned me two stickers (the one is free when you order today, Nov. 4). I paired my drink with a slice of Chocolate Toffee Nut Cake. Hmm, yummy, but I think I prefer the Peppermint Mocha as a frap, though.

So my quest for 15 more stickers is on. That’s about some Php2,000 to spend for a Starbucks planner. Unless the person who designed the planners gives me one as a Christmas present. Haha!


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