Going Unli-Korean BBQ at ALL4U Restaurant

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Korean BBQ grill eat-all-you-can restaurants are sprouting left and right. And they’re being patronized by a lot of Pinoys. Not to much to wonder about that: Pinoys have this affinity for anything Korean (drama, music, idols) and bottomless food. So it was also inevitable that my family and I try going eat-all-you-can Korean BBQ.

ALL4U Restaurant: Unli-Korean BBQ Grill and Shabu-Shabu
ALL4U Restaurant: Unli-Korean BBQ Grill and Shabu-Shabu in SM City East Ortigas

ALL4U Restaurant was the one nearest our place. It’s located at the 2nd floor of SM East Ortigas. They have a promo rate of Php 599 per person (menu says that it’s Php 699 but since they opened, they’re giving it at promo rate). Senior citizens and kids pay half the price.

It’s okay price-wise, considering that everything is unlimited: meat, side dish, lettuce, soup (but not the noodles), rice, and iced tea. They serve 4 kinds of meat: beef brisket, pork, chicken, and shrimp; plus fish cake. There are different kinds of soup bases, too, to suit your taste. Also one Melona ice pop for dessert for each of the paying customers. If you have a big appetite, you’ll pretty much enjoy this.

ALL4U Restaurant SM East Ortigas
One set of unli-everything is good for 4 persons already.

Of course, the highlight here is grilling your own food. Eldest liked the experience of grilling the meat.

ALL4U Restaurant SM East Ortigas
Reason why we were here: my parents gave their eldest apo a post-birthday treat. She wanted the “cooking” experience so we ate here.

The restaurant gets pretty packed on weekend lunches. Probably during dinnertime, too. So I guess that’s the reason why diners are only allowed 2.5 hours to eat. Well, that’s what my sister said. We got to maximize the time, though. When you’re with kids, eating times should be extended, you know what I mean?

ALL4U Restaurant SM East Ortigas
Most especially if your 3-year-old is attempting to eat rice with chopsticks.

With regards to the variety of food, it’s okay for me. They only have 3 sides — and in small portions, too — but since that’s refillable as well, it doesn’t bother me. I can ask the waiter for lots of kimchi and that won’t be a problem.

ALL4U Restaurant SM East Ortigas
Happy tummies all!

I think the only issue here is that they seem to be undermanned. For a restaurant that can accommodate more than 80 pax, I only saw 4 waiters on the floor. But they moved pretty fast and get back to you almost immediately even during peak hours, so that’s great in my book.

ALL4U Restaurant SM East Ortigas
The kids enjoying their Melona ice pops

Do I recommend ALL4U Restaurant? Yes, I do. While there might be some other unli-Korean BBQ restaurants with a lower price point, servings and service (as well as location for us East-siders) are satisfactory. So if you suddenly crave for Korean BBQ and you happen to be in the Pasig-Cainta-Ortigas Extension area, drop by ALL4U Restaurant at SM East Ortigas.

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