Graduation Day

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Nope, not mine, of course, but my daughter’s.

Last week was her graduation/moving up day. She’s finished Kinder 2. It’s time for grade school.

Kinder Graduation
Best in English and Honorable Mention. Way to go, Zee!

Yes, her toga’s pink. The boys are wearing blue togas.

Anyhoo… I’m so proud of my kid. Can’t imagine it’s been almost a year since hubby and I decided to have her accelerated from Nursery to Kinder 2 (we wanted her to meet the age requirement for Grade 1 under K to 12). Teaching her Sibika was, to say the least, petrifying (at least for me, haha!). There was too much memorization involved. At least I didn’t have problems with her in Math, which was quite a surprise for me (they have fractions in Kinder 2 already!).

She’s moving up to Grade 1, and in another school. A big school. She’s taken the test and passed, though unfortunately she has to be put under probation because of her behavior. She hasn’t gotten over the “standing and walking” phase that she’s had since Nursery. And (okay, I’ll be ranting about it now) I’m kinda worried how the transitioning phase would be, considering that she’ll also be with 40+ other students (as opposed to the 20-student-per-class population during her pre-elementary days) and the school is so damn big in terms of area. At the back of my mind, I want to pull her out, apply her to another school with a smaller population… but then hubby might not agree with me, saying that I’m shielding her too much or whatever.

I guess I wanted to enroll my daughter in the big school because I am also a product of a big school. I saw the advantages of entering her there… though I probably should have also considered if she would fit in there.

Or maybe I just have a lot of worries.

Okay, I’ll stop for now.

Congratulations, Zee. Don’t worry, Mommy will be right behind you as you conquer grade school.

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