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A lot of cafes sprout in almost all corners of Metro Manila, but there’s one that feels like home. Artesa Deli + Coffee, situated in Kapitolyo’s United Street, is one cafe to visit not only because they’re new but also because their food and drinks are simple yet hearty.

Artesa, by the way, means “handcrafted” in Catalan. And handcrafted perfectly describes the items in their menu. Together with the #SaanSaPH fam, I was able try a few of their offerings:

Artesa Cubano, Tomato Gravy, Chimichurri

Pictured: Artesa’s Cubano, Chimichurri Burger, and Tomato Gravy Rice. I liked the Cubano, which had pulled pork, ham, cheddar, and special house sauce. The Chimichurri Burger tasted good, with the beef patty cooked medium rare. It comes with wonton chips, which I felt was a good choice by the folks behind Artesa, instead of pairing the burger with fries. And the Tomato Gravy Rice is great for those who want something more filling (of course Pinoys would like something with rice). What’s good about this dish is that it doesn’t have that “umay” factor — very much a plus point for me.

Artesa Deli + Coffee Chimichurri Burger
True to their name, Artesa has a buildable menu. So for example, for the Chimichurri Burger, you can request for extra patty or no cheese — up to you.

For drinks, they have a variety of coffee items, available in hot or cold, as well as homemade iced tea and their version of Orange Julius. Their coffee, by the way, are made from beans sourced from India.

Artesa - Matcha Latte, Cold Brew, Espresso Soda, Orange Julius, Iced Tea
Some of the drinks we had: Matcha Latte, Cold Brew, Orange Julius, Homemade Iced Tea, and Espresso Soda

I had the Cold Brew that day and I would say that it’s just okay. I’ll probably try a hot drink next time to really get a taste of the quality of the coffee.

Artesa - Chocolate Cake

For dessert, there’s Chocolate Cake, as well as other sweet items like the Cheesecake, Brownies, and Choco Chunk. Among them, the one I liked is the Cheesecake. It doesn’t have any toppings but it really pairs well with coffee.

Artesa Deli + Coffee also supports SMEs as they sell some of these items in their store.

Artesa - Small Medium Enterprises

Artesa Kapitolyo - Blogger Event
The blogger attendees with Artesa’s Chef Jef Lim

My verdict: Artesa Deli + Coffee is a great option for those who want something different from the usual cafes. What’s nice is that their food is already filling for lunch or dinner (for snacks, too). And their prices are pretty reasonable compared to other popular coffee shops. Plus the ambiance is cozy and homey (the owners are friendly as well) so it’s really a great spot for chilling with friends.

Visit Artesa Deli + Coffee located at the D Strip along United Street in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

Artesa Deli + Coffee - Flatlay

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