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Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself first… I’m Michelle, a soon-to-be-missus. Yep, I’m getting married this year… and I’m currently in the middle of the wedding preparations.

But beyond that is something else I would like to prepare for — that of being a wife. A full time career that has no breaks or holidays.

Six months after I have written this post, I would be called Mrs. Roldan. And I would be entering a new life phase.

This has gotten me excited and nervous at the same time. Why? Because this is not just like graduating from college and slowly learning the ropes of the corporate world. It’s getting into something deeper, and perhaps more special, than an ordinary everyday experience.

I made this blog to be my release, my documentary, how I’m faring in this new “career”. I’ll be posting my experiences of being a new wife (from relationships with my husband and my in-laws) and perhaps of being a mom soon. I promise to make this blog up-to-date and interesting for women like you — whether single or married.

Hope to see you all here soon!


  1. zephyr sloan

    looking forward to hear about your wifely experiences:)

    14 years ago

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