Hey, Mickey, you’re so fine… but…

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After all the pain, we deserve to smile, you know.

My mom saw the TV ad about Hong Kong Disneyland bringing in Mickey and Minnie Mouse here for a meet-and-greet. She egged me to bring Zee to SM Megamall yesterday, since it was the last day of the event.

So we did and fell in line in the activity center (the former ice skating rink), hoping to get a quick photo-op with them.

You know, I didn’t really mind the long lines — of course EVERYONE wanted to see Mickey and Minnie. I just noticed that the organizers and the SM staff really didn’t think this event through.

It was a Sunday, when every Filipino family would visit a mall for a bit of R and R. Sunday, when it was the last day of the show, the last chance of every kid and kid at heart to make their way to Mickey and Minnie just for a single picture with them. Bad part was that it seemed SM didn’t care much for the people (one of the HK Disneyland cast members apologized to the people in line, though — but!). They did not care that there were kids staying on the line at 12 noon, skipping their lunch just to see these Disney characters. They did not care that the tots were getting hungry, impatient, cranky, tired of standing in line — when the organizers were able to sit down and have a decent meal. I mean, if all the people in line were adults, I wouldn’t be ranting. But a lot of them were kids. And as a parent, I was aghast by the indifference SM Megamall and the organizers have shown them. No consolation whatsoever.

So why did we remain in line even after more than 2 grueling hours of waiting? Because WE LOVE OUR KIDS SO MUCH THAT WE WOULD DO EVERYTHING TO MAKE THEM HAPPY. Even if that means skipping our lunch, carrying them around because their feet are aching from standing for hours in line, or giving them weird answers when they ask when they’re going to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

But you don’t have to be a parent to feel the same. You just need a tad bit of sympathy in your souls.

Or an event organizer that will teach you how to do kid-friendly activities as big as this the right way.


  1. krissy08

    Ganyan din kahaba pila sa HK. Even worse – coz you have to stand in line under the scorching heat of the sun. We queued for more than four hours with Joey. Thankfully, we were prepared – we had water and snacks with us. 🙂

    10 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Wow, 4 hours! Buti hindi nainip si Joey nun. But I’m sure all worth the wait. Dun pa lang sa Megamall, aliw na aliw na si Zee. 🙂

      10 years ago

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