Book Review: Homeschool Moms at the Feet of Jesus

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If you’ve been hanging around my blog or FB page, you’d know that my family and I have chosen homeschooling for the kids. It was an idea brought up by my sister while we were talking about my concerns about the pandemic, the kids’ academics, and our family budget. Truth be told, I was super scared of dipping my feet into homeschooling because I felt I was not fit for it — I had little patience, I didn’t take up any education units when I was studying, and I wasn’t confident teaching about certain subjects.

But, lo and behold, a year had passed and I guess I can say we survived our first year of homeschooling. A big part of it I owed to my sister, to the homeschooling conferences I’ve attended, and the numerous resources and inspirations I found online.

One of these inspirations is Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag’s Hands-On Parents While Earning blog. Like, every question I had about homeschooling was answered there. Somehow she, through her blog, gave me a bit of push to pursue homeschooling this year, amid the fears and insecurities I had.

That’s why I’m excited to read her new ebook, Homeschool Moms at the Feet of Jesus. It’s a daily devotional for parents (yes, not just for moms) who are unsure of their capabilities as a homeschooler. Just like me.

Homeschool Moms at the Feet of Jesus Amazon EBook
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We were already done with our school year when I got hold of the ebook, but that didn’t stop me from reading it. And to be honest, each chapter of the book — represented by each day — resonated with me and my experience as a first-time homeschooling mom.

Each chapter has a Bible verse and reflection that matches the day’s theme. There’s also a space where you can write down your homeschool concerns and wins. The author also includes a prayer that you can say to ask for God’s grace and guidance as you homeschool your children. And at the end of the book, you can list down your insights for the month and action plans for the next , based on each day’s realizations.

What’s nice about the book is that it makes me remember that my family and I are not alone in our homeschool journey. There’s God to help us out when we are overwhelmed, exhausted, or unsure of ourselves if we have made the right decision for our kids.

The book also touches me as a Catholic mom, with the reflections based on stories from the Bible — stories I’ve learned as a kid and that I pass on to my children as well. Sometimes, in the midst of anxieties and panic attacks, I tend to forget that I can lean on the Lord to calm me down. This daily devotional reminds me that God is always there to guide us in every step of the way, giving me the confidence to carry on.

A plus: not only does the book tell me that I can trust in God on my homeschool journey; it reminds me to take action and be accountable for my decisions. Reflections need to be put into action, otherwise we’re just going to get stuck in the same place and we’d probably end up anxious and frustrated.

Homeschool Moms at the Feet of Jesus provides a good read for moms — and even dads — who are thinking of homeschooling their children or those who are already homeschooling but are having doubts on their journey. It will be available on Amazon for only USD4.99, but Amazon Prime members can download the ebook for free before and after the promotion. Reserve via this link:

Thanks to Ms. Teresa for giving me the chance to review the ebook. This will surely be useful to me and my family as we ready ourselves for our 2nd year of homeschooling. 🙂

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