How about a blogging resolution?

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Okay, so I said that I’m not the type who makes New Year’s Resolutions.

But after some thought and a discussion with a colleague and fellow blogger, I realized something:

I’ve been posting less about my experiences as a wife and mom.

I’m thankful for posting opportunities about products, services, and brands that target my audience, but I think I should be sharing more of my personal encounters and insights like before. I should have a balance of posts, like “things I love” + “wife and mommy stories”.

After all, that was why I created this blog. To share my experiences as a wife and mom, and at the same time share about the things I support wholeheartedly.

So, starting today, that’s what I’m going to do.

Although, just a warning, my next post will be about a product that I love. Hehe!

But I’m keeping my resolution of sharing more personal experiences. Promise. 🙂

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