How to do a Valentine’s surprise, the Doug Kramer + Red Ribbon Way

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Valentine’s Day — it’s that day when people surprise their significant others with acts of love, be it simple or grand. One person who took it to great heights is Doug Kramer, GlobalPort’s power forward and one-fifth of Team Kramer. Watch the video below and see his sweet Valentine surprise for his wife, actress Cheska Garcia:

The big reveal of the 40×60-feet billboard happened last January 31 while the family was traversing C5 Road near Bagong Ilog, Pasig City. As you can see, Cheska was very much happy with the surprise (although Kendra had her own opinion, haha!).

red ribbon
Doug Kramer’s biggest surprise yet for wife Cheska for Valentine’s Day: a huge billboard along C5 Road. Photo grabbed from Team Kramer’s Facebook Page.

Doug’s surprise Valentine gift to Cheska was created with the help of Red Ribbon, which the Kramer family are endorsers of.

“Doug found a very unusual way of showing his love for Cheska, and it is something beyond imaginable,” said Ned Bandojo, Head of Marketing for Red Ribbon. “We, his Red Ribbon family, are really glad to be part of Doug’s pre-Valentine’s Day surprise to Cheska because this only show how the brand complements Valentine’s. We hope that, together with our Valentine Black Forest Cake, we were able to bring in more sweetness to their relationship and to the whole family as well.”

Red Ribbon — one of the leading bakeshop chains in the Philippines — is set to launch on February 12 its Valentine’s Black Forest Cake, a limited-edition heart-shaped variant that’s made with rich chocolate, fluffy cream, and juicy cherries.

“The Valentine’s Black Forest Cake allows couples to rekindle their sweetest memories on Valentine’s Day. If you want to surprise your loved one with something different just like what Doug did to Cheska, then Red Ribbon’s limited-edition offering is the right one for you,” Bandojo said.

He concluded, “Surprises may come in different ways, forms, and times, but it’s always for the right reason — it’s to show how much couples mean to each other.”

So make this Valentine’s Day sweeter with Red Ribbon’s Valentine’s Black Forest Cake, which will be available from February 12 to 14 at all Red Ribbon stores.

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