Hubby’s milestone: hearing baby’s heartbeat

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I had my check-up yesterday with my OB-Gyne. It was also the second time hubby accompanied me to the doctor. And it was a good thing.

My OB-Gyne first asked me how I’m feeling, about the baby’s movements, and then she took my blood pressure. Then we went into the other room so she could take a closer look at my tummy.

She got the Doppler thing apparatus so that we could again hear the baby’s heartbeat. Checking my lower abdomen, the swishing lightsaber sound goes. The baby’s heartbeat was faster than before, but it was no cause for worry.

I went out of the room and saw hubby seated at the nearby sofa in the clinic. He was smiling.

So after some time, we bade our goodbyes to the doctor and her assistant.

Outside the clinic, I asked if he heard some noise inside the room. I will never forget his face: he wore a wide smile and said yes, he heard baby’s heartbeat. He was beaming like a proud soon-to-be-dad should.

What can I say? It was one of the happiest moments in our lives. 😀

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