I want my baby to be…

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I know I still have some months to count… baby’s still 11 weeks old. But this early I’m already imagining how my child will be when he grows up.

Off the bat, here are some things I wish my baby would be:

1. An artist, like his/her dad, or a writer like me. Okay, so maybe I’m not the best writer around… how about “good with words” or someone with a “wide vocabulary.” Somehow I want my kid to follow either of our footsteps. But of course, if he or she wants to be an athlete or lawyer or engineer, who are we to stop our kid?

2. An extrovert, like the dad. Yeah, I don’t like my kid to be a shy person like me (yes, I am shy. Xenophobic, during a time, even). I want my child to be the life of the party, the center of attraction (in a good way, I must say). I want him or her to have lots of friends and be friendly to anyone and everyone.

3. Knowledgeable of at least one sport. Chess counts, but I’d like him or her to know a physical sport such as swimming, basketball, taekwando, tennis. Billiards? Depends, as long as school won’t be interrupted. Boxing? Hmm, I’d probably get scared if he or she scars her face…

4. Healthy and normal, physically and mentally. That’s what every parent wishes for. I should’ve put this in #1.

5. A responsible, God-fearing person. Now that will depend on how we bring him or her up. That’s the responsibility of the parent. Hopefully, we can instill these good values in our kid.

These are just some of the things on top of my head. The list may grow longer, but for now, I wish these would be fulfilled through my kid.

Well, I got about 6 months to go. Let’s wait and see.

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