I’m Among the Top 40 Mommy Blogs!

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Top 40 Mommy Blogs
Now this is one big surprise. 🙂

Was checking my emails over the weekend when I noticed receiving a correspondence from Promocode Philippines saying that my site made it to their list of Top 40 Mommy Blogs.

I was like, “WHUT?!”

I thought it was spam or a missent email, but it really was for me.

Just to make sure, I clicked on the link they sent and I saw my blog’s details on their list.

Top 40 Mommy Blogs - Hits and Mrs
Well, whaddayaknow?

Being included in the list alongside blogs like Mommy Pehpot, Teach With Joy, Go Jackie Go, and The Peach Kitchen is truly an honor and a humbling experience. See, I follow these blogs and to make it in a list where they also are is something I can’t grasp until now.

I conceptualized Hits and Mrs. as a personal blog. It’s not just me being a wife and a mom. It’s being what I am as a whole — a casual observer, a current events and trivia junkie, and eventually a participant in events that’s I’ve been invited to. Promocode Philippines was right in describing my site as “not exactly a typical mommy blog” because, well, it isn’t. I’ve never really zoned in on just one niche to be honest. Since blogging is also my form of release and there are tons of things that grab my attention and curiosity, Hits and Mrs. is a mishmash of sorts. Of course, I still ensure that most of the things I publish are informative and relevant to my audience (and that’s you).

That’s why the recognition as among the Top 40 Mommy Blogs came as a surprise. I didn’t think anyone would be paying much attention to my site, let alone give such recognition.

And for that, I am very thankful. To Promocode Philippines and to you, the one reading this right now. It makes me strive to be a better blogger, to provide information and inspiration to everyone.

Thank you again and I hope you continue to support Hits and Mrs.! 🙂

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  1. Giovanni Roldan

    Awesome job as always! Congratulations!

    4 years ago

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