In the aftermath of Basyang’s siege

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How are you guys after Typhoon Basyang (Conson) hit the country? I hope you’re all doing well.

The sun is shining everywhere now, and that’s a good sign.


Heard on the news that President Noynoy reprimanded PAG-ASA for not forecasting that Basyang would have a strong effect in Metro Manila.

Remember that earlier, PAG-ASA said that it would directly hit the northern provinces of Luzon. Admit it, when we don’t hear them say that the tropical storm/typhoon would hit Manila, we’d feel a bit relaxed.

But, like always and not really unexpectedly, the weather bureau seems to constantly have their misses when it comes to these things. And as MSN reports, they failed to mention that Basyang’s radius was at 300 km. Whoa!

As a result, some were unprepared for the ravages made by Basyang.

I understand where Noynoy is coming from. It has been the continuing problem of PAG-ASA, but that’s mainly because they don’t have the equipment that would help them make a good weather forecast.

Has anyone wondered how old the present weather forecasting equipment of PAG-ASA is? I don’t know either, but they must have had it since Ernie Baron’s days. Or even Amado Pineda’s. Yaiks!

After berating the PAG-ASA, I hope Noynoy also looks into giving the weather bureau the modern equipment it needs. If he could do that, then PAG-ASA would be making almost accurate forecasts and, in the future, the people will be ready for whatever comes and the government won’t have a difficult time delegating the NDCC to where they should be giving assistance.

Just my two cents.


  1. Condominium Philippines

    Yeah! Noynoy should give pag asa the equipment they need. Para wala na silang palusot. 😀 Sinira kasi ni Basyang ang bintana ng condo ko.

    12 years ago
  2. Ivy@Spinning Lovely Days

    But it’s a universal rule for weather bureaus to be wrong about their forecasts, lol. I mean, the inaccuracy is not peculiar to PAGASA. You’re right about the equipment. And I think the public reprimand is a bit unseemly (deserved, but undiplomatic… and did it contribute to a solution or just echo everybody else’s frustration?)… Just putting in my 2 cents too, hehe

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      You have a point there. The weather can be hard to predict. Kaya nga babae yung name nya, diba? LOL!

      Yun din, after scolding them, sana Noynoy also looked into what PAG-ASA needs. Ang alam ko, they’ve been wanting to have more modern equipment. Pero as usual, nasasantabi sila ng gobyerno natin. Tsk.

      12 years ago

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