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Ladies in general like to put on perfume or cologne. I myself use them because it makes me smell fresh and clean even on a busy day. And that’s important especially when you want to make a good impression on others.

But with the many available scents in the market, it’s a challenge to find a scent that’s unique. Fortunately, InspiredGiftsPH has a collection of eau de parfums that speak of freshness and character, something different from the ones already out there. A plus point is that these perfumes are easy on the pocket, too.

Inspired Gifts PH
Inspired Gifts PH offer scents for men and women

Through #MommyBloggersPh, I was able to sample two of their scents.

First is Aeris, which combines “sweet scents of raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, vanilla, magnolia, and lilies.” I got a whiff of fruity and floral notes that are very feminine.

Inspired Gifts PH
Aeris Eau de Parfum seems more floral than fruity for me

The second is May, “a combination of rose aromatic oils and citrusy oils with hints of water lily, magnolia, white violet, carnation, and ginger.” I liked that it had citrusy notes and it’s less floral than the first.

Inspired Gifts PH May
May Eau de Parfum is a mix of floral and citrusy notes

To be honest, I like May better than Aeris. I’m not much into floral notes, hehe! But what I like about both scents is that they’re of good quality. And their scent lasts throughout the day, especially when you spray it on your clothes. Actually, you only need a few spritz — on both wrists, behind the ears, and on your collar — and you’re ready to go.

Both Aeris and May come in 30ml glass atomizer bottles and cost Php 180 apiece. Yes, InspiredGiftsPH shows that you don’t have to shell out a lot for quality perfumes.

The site also has other scents for women, as well as perfume collections for men. And they offer free shipping if you buy at least Php 500 worth of items from their website. Just use the code IGPH2017 upon purchase.

Visit InspiredGiftsPH at to see more items and available promos. You may also check out their Facebook page at

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