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I’ve been a blogger for more than a decade. When I started, I didn’t know that I could be able to monetize my blog and posts, and earn a few dollars here and there through ads. But recently, I discovered Intellifluence from fellow bloggers who said they earned there through posting. And the rates aren’t peanuts, so to speak.

It kinda seemed to good to be true, but because I was curious, I signed up. Registration is free, so if ever I didn’t like it, I could opt out easily. After filling out my details, I checked out what’s inside.

I found a few opportunities for Filipino bloggers and decided to apply to one. Yep, you need to pitch to a client before you can write or post anything. By experience, the process was pretty fast and I was able to get on-board.

And you know what? That first client I had with Intellifluence paid me USD100, wired to my Paypal, upon completion. Okay, so that seemed legit.

So I tried for another opportunity wherein I was eligible (based on my location). To cut the long story short, I’ve had success with Intellifluence. 🙂

Intellifluence - My Earnings Summary
Here’s my earnings summary since I started getting tasks from Intellifluence. Some details blurred.

And yes, I’m waiting for another payout in the next few days. 🙂

So far, Intellifluence has been helpful for earning extra. I won’t say that it’s going to replace my day job since the opportunities for Filipino bloggers are not as many. For now. Hopefully, if they get more clients on board, there will be more to do.

But right now, I’m pretty happy with my experience. I get to do what I like, which is to write, and earn from it, too.

If you want to check out Intellifluence, you can do so by clicking here. And if you have a blog, why not try signing up? You may just find opportunities that lets you earn by simply blogging or posting.

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