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My blog, that is.

13 days without writing anything. Wow. Lucky number. Anyways, I had been too busy the past weeks. Lots of things to do.

And well, I really can’t think of anything to write about.

Hmm, well I guess I can tell you about my daughter’s development. Aside from saying bath (“bat!”) and duck (“daaauh!” – yes, both are said in a really loud voice, therefore the exclamation points), she now recognizes me! Yay! Calls me “mommy” but only when she’s pissed off at me or is looking for me. When I’m there she just smiles, laughs, or tugs my clothes.

She also knows Dora (sounds like “uwa”) and claps everytime I ask where we’re going (weird na bata, probably got that from the dad hahaha!). She knows the action to the “My toes, my knees…” song. Likes the songs from Team Umizoomi and Wonderpets — and that’s why we get up early during weekends. Her vocabulary now includes star (“ta-ta-tah!”), moon (“mumun”), and happy (“ahpee”). She imitates us when we spell words to her. C-o-f-f-e-e would sound like “ee-ah-ow-ow-ee” when she spells it.

Because she likes Dora so much, my parents’ home is slowly being transformed into a Dora the Explorer shrine. The boxes and containers that hold her toys have loads of Dora stickers on it. My aunt bought her a hand towel with Dora on it, and every single time she’d see it, she’d be running toward the towel and kissing Dora’s face.

Which reminds me, should look for a Dora pillow. Don’t like the plushy toy’s fabric, as dust easily settles there. Not good for a kid whose parents have a history of asthma.

So there, that’s what’s been going on lately. And of course, there’s my Paypal dilemma. But that’s another story. Maybe on the next entry…

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