Kenyo releases its latest album Maharlika

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I feel like a PR person today. I received this press release from a friend, and thought music lovers would be interested.


KENYO (Band Profile)

Smooth and composed yet coarse and frenzied, sophisticated yet vulgar, safe but dangerous, familiar but somehow different – this is the kind of music generated by the band KENYO.

The band is made up of Mcoy Fundales (vocals/guitars), Ace del Mundo (guitars), JM del Mundo (bass guitars), Cleng Ocampo (guitars) and Ariz Villalon (drums/percussions). They all hail from Bulacan (a province just a few miles north of Manila, Philippines). Kenyo is short for “Bulakenyo,” which is what people from Bulacan are called.

Formed in 2008, KENYO’s potential was immediately recognized that it was soon signed under major label Universal Records, Philippines. They released a trippy-musical scrapbook of sorts in their first project album called RADIOSURFING that spawned the hit songs “Sana” and “Ayoko Na Sa ‘Yo”. This project also led the group to a successful tour of the United States, in the state of California, on September of 2008.

KENYO recently released a new album called MAHARLIKA. This time, the group writes and dishes out original music filled with zest, their own special sound and poetry.

KENYO’s affinity towards the sweet sound of the past, pop sensibilities, honest lyricism and edgy musical approach makes the band a thrilling experience on its own.

Maharlika Album Cover
Maharlika Album Cover
MAHARLIKA – KENYO’s new album out now!

The word MAHARLIKA traces its origin from the Malayan terms Majer Likha which means “great piece of work” and Mahal Likhawhich means “beautiful creation”.


1. FILIPINA – A melodic ode to the timeless beauty and grace of Filipinas everywhere for they are the true pearls of the Orient.

2. TADHANA – Sing along with this tune on how Fate and Destiny sometimes poke fun at us.

3. HANGGANG SA MULI – A song written literally inside the airport while the band was waiting to board as Mcoy witnessed a couple who were exchanging, a seemingly endless, farewell to each other. This song is also a testament to the sacrifices one has to endure in order to fulfill his dreams for himself and his loved ones even if it means being distant from home.

4. SIMULAN NA NATIN – When longing bursts out a tune, you just have to groove. For desire and intimacy can’t seem to wait. Hi C (formerly of Dice and K9 fame) spices up this track as she shares vocal duties with Mcoy (a first time collaboration with the band).

5. WISH ON A STAR – The boyish days of star gazing and wishful thinking are remembered in this syrupy track.

6. KALAYAAN – An anthem yearning for freedom. This song aims to woe liberty if she is personified. The track will be used as theme song for an upcoming indie-film locally produced and filmed in Bulacan.

7. MEANTIME GIRL – Inspired by an online stranger who simply calls herself “meantime girl”. This is an interesting ballad of a girl who blindly accepts her role in a relationship bound for no one knows where and for how long.

8.. STRONG MAN – The strongest, the bravest, the invincible and the unyielding will still be vulnerable. In a game called love, everyone has his match.

9. SOMEONE FOR YOU – Co-written with Elmer Dado (formerly of the band Polyester). A positive and hopeful song suited for these trying times.

10. LEARN TO SWALLOW – Catchy and edgy guitar riffs. steady drum beats. Unmistakable hooks. A song against negativity, toxicity and liars never sounded this good.

11. ALAY NA ALAALA – An offering and theme song from the docu-film, The Forgotten War, which tells about the stories of unsung Filipino heroes during the Korean War of the 1950’s.

12. HANGGANG SA MULI (Akustiko) – A stripped down and intimate version of the album’s carrier single. A fitting close to an album worthy of another spin.



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With this press release also came a 1-minute sample of each song from Kenyo’s newest project. Mcoy Fundales’ voice remains distinct, as it did in his previous songs with Orange and Lemons, though the total sound of their latest album is very different. It’s not an unfamiliar sound, though; it’s more like a mishmash of varied influences ranging from Manila Sound to folk to new wave to rock, with lyrics that are poetic yet simple and meaningful.

Their carrier single, Hanggang Sa Muli, combines catchy beats with poignant lyrics. It’s a fitting song to introduce the audience to Kenyo’s unique sound. Other notable tracks in the album are the playful Tadhana, the funky Simulan Na Natin, the anthemic Kalayaan, and the oddly loud Learn To Swallow (which sounds like a song I can play in Guitar Hero… okay, that’s the geek in me).

One thing I also like in Maharlika is the way the tracks are arranged. It starts light, then goes funky then goes noisy, and ends with a hush. It’s pretty interesting when you take note of it.

All in all, Kenyo’s Maharlika satiates your craving for a unique Pinoy sound. I’d say it’s a great album to play during a long drive. And it can kick those sorry pogi rock asses goodbye. LOL!


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