Killing time… oh look, the Golden Globes

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Work load is back. Apparently, not all employees are back on track. Still waiting for my set of keywords before I could submit my work to my senior. She says I could submit my work tomorrow if the keywords don’t come in after 4PM. It’s already 24 minutes past the deadline…

So I’m off to Net browsing and blogging.

Before I could flood my friends’ Multiply with my super-late wedding supplier reviews, I chose to check out the Golden Globe nominees and winners.

No surprise, Heath Ledger wins a posthumous award for his role in The Dark Knight. Such a waste. Now I wouldn’t want any Batman sequels to come out. Without the Joker, Batman’s nothing…

Okay, so that’s my geek side talking.

Oh lookie, Tom Cruise nominated for his role as the bald producer in Tropic Thunder?! Robert Downey, Jr., a co-nominee of Cruise and Ledger in the same category, should have been nominated in and won Best Lead Performance in a Comic-to-Film Adaptation. But I guess there’s no category for that, so there…

Slumdog Millionaire wins major awards, including Best Picture (Drama) and Director. Made me curious about this film. I don’t remember seeing this in any cinema here in Manila. I’ll probably look for a DVD.

Tina Fey hits it really big. Well, she is good, even before the Sarah Palin impersonation.

Wall-E wins! Love, love, love it… to the point hubby and I bought both Wall-E and Eve Interactive toys. Eve is a collector’s treasure…

Not too familiar with the other nominees and categories, especially the mini-series. Don’t have cable and don’t have time to watch.

And then I get to the end of the site’s window.

Goodness, waiting for the keywords is killing me.

I might as well eat while I while away the time…

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