Know your candidates in less than 44 pages

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Thanks to my friend Michicoo for this. And thanks to those who posted this at Scribd for providing a summary of all the things we need to know about our candidates for president, vice president, and senators.

If you have lots of time in your hands, I suggest you read the National Candidates Profiles. It shows a gist of the candidates’ information and their say in certain subjects, particularly agrarian reform, the JPEPA, and the RH bill.

Filipinos, here is the chance to be informed. There is still a few weeks to go before we shade that “bilog na hugis itlog,” so take that time to know your candidates.


  1. Miss Guimba

    Thanks! Thanks! You’ve just saved me the hassle of looking for the info for hours.

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      no problem. i also realized reading this was easier than browsing each of the candidates’ websites. though the websites contain their full platform, at least someone made a file that’s pretty short yet comprehensive.

      12 years ago
  2. jenie=)

    truth is…i’m not sure anymore which amongst those written about anyone is true. people tends to lie so easily these days.

    12 years ago

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