Life Hacks at LEAD Tutorial and Preschool + A Giveaway!

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Education is one of the best things that we as parents can give our children. But, as my husband points out, it’s not just academics that’s important. Kids must be equipped with life skills so they grow up not only book-smart but also street-smart.

That’s why when we were given the opportunity to enlist our kids to a one-day Life Hacks summer program at LEAD Tutorial and Preschool in Mandaluyong, we grabbed it.

LEAD Tutorial and Preschool is owned by Talis and CJay Bautista. It started out as a small tutorial service by CJay, servicing their neighbors’ kids before it became what she calls the First Kinetic Progressive Preschool in the country.

LEAD Tutorial and Preschool
CJay Bautista explaining the need for an educational approach that fits the needs of today’s children
LEAD Tutorial Mandaluyong
The parents had a tour of their center
LEAD Tutorial Mandaluyong
The place was small but comfortable enough for 14 students (they have a 14:1 student-teacher ratio). Clean and colorful, too.

LEAD stands for “Life Enhancement Academic Development.” The school employs a progressive approach, believing that students learn more by experiential learning and positive reinforcement. Combined with kinetic learning, which is hands-on and a more interactive way of learning, this helps kids become independent and critical thinkers at a young age.

Which is what today’s kids need to be. Not saying that a traditional approach of education is ineffective. But there are some kids who will benefit more in a kinetic-progressive learning method.

And my kids had a sample of that during one weekend where the Bautistas gave us first dibs on their Life Hacks summer program. The 2-hour lesson covered not only reading but also fixing a bed and eating properly.

LEAD Tutorial Mandaluyong
We were able to watch the kids make a bed via CCTV. Aww!
LEAD Tutorial and Preschool
Teacher Ally leads the class. The workshop is open for kids from 2.5 to 10 years old.

And you know what, my kids enjoyed the experience. I was particularly surprised that my bunso, who’s never been out of the house, was well-behaved during the class (or probably because her Ate was there, too). I saw her participate in their activities as well. And when she came home, she remembered “I-Sit-Properly!” Haha!

To be honest, hubby and I liked their Life Hacks program. I appreciate that it teaches very young kids everyday practical skills. It’s important that they learn these early on so that they grow up independent, confident, and street-smart.

Downside is that they’re in Mandaluyong, which is quite a drive from our place. And hubby and I have work during weekdays. But hubby is willing to work something out for Ate for summer, so…

The Life Hacks summer workshop of LEAD Tutorial and Preschool begins on April 11. Rate for this summer program is at Php 5,000 per child. There are 2 workshop schedules: 9AM to 12PM for preschool kids and 1 to 3PM for grade school kids. Topics covered include common household chores, stranger danger, and bank visit. Yes, as in the kids are going to a nearby bank, o diba?

LEAD Tutorial Mandaluyong
Snapshot of the schedule. Preschoolers do Broadway appreciation, grade schoolers go on bank visits.
LEAD Tutorial and Preschool
Group pic with the people behind LEAD Tutorial and the participants. Wait, where is bunso seated…? LOL! 😛

[Giveaway ENDED!]

And lookie here! Two of my readers/followers can get a chance to win a gift certificate that entitles your kid to a discount on the Life Hacks workshop at LEAD Tutorial and Preschool!

You must:

  • have a child, nephew/niece, or apo ages 2.5 to 10 years old
  • be willing to take him/her to LEAD Tutorial and Preschool in Mandaluyong City for the Life Hacks summer camp

All you have to do is fill out this Google Form:

Deadline of entries is on April 4, 2018. I’ll be picking 2 winners who will receive one GC each, applicable to 1 child. I prefer to meet up with the winners (as a heads-up, since I have a day job, I’m in Ayala on weekdays; I can meet up in Ortigas on weekends) but if the winner prefers that I send the GC, then I can do so.

LEAD Tutorial and Preschool is located at 134-B Bulusan Street, Brgy. Mauway, Mandaluyong City. They’re already accepting students for their toddler and nursery class for SY 2018. And they also offer supplementary programs and tutorials for bigger kids. Contact them at (632) 535-8002. You may also visit or for more details.

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