Learnings from the Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Success

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Last Saturday, September 22, I attended the Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Success by Al Sherwin Ramos Yeo. Since I was in an industry that delves into web and online marketing, I felt that the workshop will be of great help for me.

And it was. Here are some of the learnings and realizations that I’ve had after the workshop:

1. Digital is growing in the Philippines, but there are many challenges. We have over 60 million internet users, a chunk of them are millennials and mobile users. The growth of digital would be faster, I guess, if there was strong infrastructure in the country to support all these internet users.

2. Digital means transparency and engagement of brands to consumers. So it’s important to really have a plan to execute so that your strategies can become successful. Auditing your digital media assets (website, social media accounts), knowing your market, and creating SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) objectives are a must.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Success - Torre Venezia
Al Sherwin Ramos Yeo of TechGlimpse spearheads the Digital Marketing Stretegies for Business Success seminar.

3. Storytelling is important. Content that is unexpected, emotional, and one that tells a story gets high engagement. Even small players can hit it big in the digital world as long as they create content that attracts and engages people.

4. Every person in the company should work together to create digital marketing strategies. Digital doesn’t only mean online. It’s also about using technology to develop intimacy and engagement with the intended audience.

To be honest, the workshop just affirmed that the efforts the company I belong are the ones that we should continue to do and improve on. Admittedly, I’m iffy with numbers (that’s why I went to Communication Arts, LOL) but I have to learn to measure and interpret data because that’s how we will know if our strategies are working. Guess I have to work on being friends with Google Analytics, LOL!

I really appreciated this workshop. Good thing I decided to attend. And I look forward to attending more seminars like this. The learnings here would be helpful, especially if I’m thinking of furthering my online presence. Who knows, that might happen soon. 🙂

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  1. Al Sherwin Ramos Yeo

    Thank you for this! I hope you are able to apply in your business and looking forward seeing you in future workshops 🙂

    3 years ago

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