Life in the Time of COVID-19

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As of this writing, March 12, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic. The levels of spread and severity since it occurred December of last year has become increasingly alarming. As per their statement, cases have been reported in 114 countries. And that includes the Philippines, my country.

As of today, the country’s Department of Health has recorded 49 COVID-19 cases. And it’s still increasing. News as of today reports of the second fatality, a 67-year-old Filipina, through local transmission. (The first fatality recorded in PH was a Chinese man last January.)

The alarming rate of confirmed cases in the Philippines caused a pandemonium, with people panic-buying, hoarding essentials left and right. First, it was the surgical masks. Now, bottles of alcohol and hand sanitizers are gone from supermarket shelves in seconds. The worst part? These are being sold online at exorbitant prices — up to 10 times their SRP!

Saw this in an FB Group Chat I am part of. This has been reshared a lot of times on Facebook as well. Php700 for a 500ml bottle of alcohol?! Taking advantage of COVID-19, tsk.

Keep hopes high: soap in bar and liquid form are aplenty in groceries and supermarkets. For now.

Because of the COVID-19, some companies have announced remote work policies for their employees. Well, not this blogger, though. Still working in the office despite a report that a visitor in ADB tested positive.

My kids’ school has announced the cancellation of the remainder of the schoolyear. No more 4th quarter exams for them (Eldest was pretty happy: “Hindi na mag-aaral?” LOL!). Bunso’s pictorial for her moving-up has been cancelled as well. No word if there’s going to be graduation rites.

As of this writing, a member of a different group chat forwarded a message about a lockdown of certain areas in Metro Manila affected by COVID-19. No news yet; will watch out for that.

With everything happening right now because of the pandemic, am I worried?

Well, a bit, I guess. As a parent, I’m concerned for my family’s safety. Also, as a daughter of senior citizens, I’m concerned of their health. Especially that the disease affects people over 50 years old. My dad is pretty mobile and he has asthma, too. That’s what I’m worried about.

With a community lockdown — if ever that happens — it’s going to be hard for me and hubby to work. Well, of course the internet helps. I’d be distracted with the kids, though. LOL! But yeah, it will affect the lives of many. Especially those who depend on their daily toil to support their family. Unless the government will help supply the necessities of every people (I want to be hopeful but I have doubts that the government could), a lockdown would cause a lot of hardship for those at the bottom of the food chain.

I’ve never experienced this kind of situation. The past coup d’etat attempts in the country didn’t drive people crazy like this. It feels like walking on thin ice, really. But what to do?

I guess all we can do is pray that this goes away, keep ourselves and our environment clean, and observe social distancing.

Which also means no blogging events for me for the meantime. Shucks.

But, well, that’s all we can do until the WHO finds a solution to the COVID-19.

I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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