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If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for other ways to reach a wider market without breaking the bank, look no further because there is now a one stop place for legit businesses that want more exposure and ultimately, more customers.


Lookna has recently launched in two hundred countries and is gaining momentum as more and more businesses are discovering the advantages of signing up with this advertisement search engine.

How it works:
Lookna is so simple and straightforward, really, that there are only two ways that it works. First, it works when a potential service provider searcher or potential customer visits the website to search for a business. A list of businesses are shown on the screen and the searcher simply clicks on her choice to get more details such as phone number, physical address, operating hours, website and so on.

Second, it works when a legit business owner signs up with Lookna to get his business listed. Signing up is a quick and easy process, but there is a verification method that sign ups need to go through to prove the business’ legitimacy. Once the requirements for verification have been met, you’re all set up. Your business will be listed on the website for provider searchers to find.

Why is Lookna different from other online advertising websites?

Good question, let us enumerate the ways.

  1. Lookna is vastly different from other online advertising websites because it doesn’t use pay-per-click schemes which are prone to fraud.
  2. Lookna only allows listings of legit businesses to weed out scammers, hence the verification process.
  3. Lookna uses fair ads distribution so whether you are a startup, medium scale or giant scale business, you get the same exposure and ad space as everyone else.
  4. Lookna uses geo-tagging to locate your business, in the same manner to provide searchers with listings that are within their area. This is especially helpful for potential customers who prefer actual visits to business sites to purchase goods or have some type of service done.

There are more reasons why Lookna is different from others but these are the topmost ones that Lookna subscribers are raving about.

Is it expensive to subscribe with Lookna? Actually, sign up with Lookna today for absolutely zero cost! You read that right, get your business listed on Lookna and pay nothing, it is absolutely and totally obligation FREE. The free sign up will go on for a yet undetermined length of time as part of Lookna’s “launching party” but don’t worry, you will be notified even before they start charging fees to give you the option to continue with your listing or not anymore. The free sign-up promo is an excellent way for businesses to determine the effectivity of the search engine tool so if you are an entrepreneur who wants to advertise your brand, product or service for as less cost as possible, go ahead and head on over to Lookna and sign up NOW.

Be one of the businesses advertised on Lookna in 200 countries all across the globe and enjoy the benefits of this one stop place today.

Website: https://lookna.com.ph | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/looknainc/ | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/looknainc/

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