Lullabye baby

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I remember when I was younger (as in, like, young) my mom and grandma would sing us songs to calm us down or make us feel sleepy. Usually they’d sing either some nursery rhyme or a song they grew up with.

So now that it’s almost my turn to sing lullabyes to my little one, I was wondering what songs to sing him or her…

Hmm… if I were to sing pop songs from my growing up days, would it mean I’d be singing a Madonna song or some New Wave hit?

No, Borderline doesn’t seem to cut it. Dress You Up with matching dance steps — would that look like I’m rocking him/her to sleep? Take On Me — nah, don’t think so.

Hubby and I tried singing Sweet Child of Mine once as a lullabye, complete with Axl Rose’s signature “Aiyaiyaiheeah.” It sounded weird.

If I’m going for traditional lullabyes, I’d forgo Rock-a-bye Baby. I just realized how morbid the last two lines were.

Well, I still have some months to learn some more lullabyes. Else my kid might fall asleep with me humming to the tune of Disturbia…

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