Major major

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Major major rollercoaster of emotions, as someone would say.

After a stressful Monday comes the exciting (and somewhat triumphant) Tuesday.

Though Venus Raj was only the 4th runner up in the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010, I still consider it a victory. Especially for her.

She’s been through tough times. Almost stripped of her crown. Rigorous trainings. Her trainor passing away over the weekend. A normal person would’ve broken down. But not her, so kudos to Venus.

Was thinking, what if BCPI did not reinstate Venus and let Nicolette Henson represent us in the pageant? Would she have been as successful as Venus? Maybe, maybe not. Though I think in an international competition Venus would have an edge over Nicolette in the looks department. The Westerners like women with duskier skin tone. Nicolette would have looked like a normal person to them But Venus, she’d stand out among the fair-skinned ones.

Well, the question and answer portion would be a different scenario.

I think Venus was too prepped for a thought-provoking and big-issue question that a simple question like “What was your biggest mistake” kinda took her aback.

She’s not feeling any pressure right now, eh?

But hey, she did well nevertheless. And went the farthest a Binibining Pilipinas-Universe representative can get. The farthest since Miriam Quiambao’s time.

Major major achievement for you, girl.


  1. Yam Yam

    my feeling of excitement drained away after her answer…. to be perfectly honest, i felt bad. it was really a major major boo boo

    11 years ago
    • moonchild117

      i guess she was still in shock that she made it to the top 5. maybe if she answered it more clearly then it would be okay. but still, congratulations to her for making it that far.

      11 years ago
  2. Ivy@Spinning Lovely Days

    This major-major thing will probably drag on indefinitely, lol… Btw, some people (Yahoo Spain, hehe) believe she lost because of arrogance. They don’t get it, lol

    11 years ago
    • moonchild117

      actually, that was the first thing i thought. “ang yabang, no big mistake in life, huh?” but i think what she just wanted to say that the mistakes she made in the past didn’t become that big because she had great support from her family.

      and yeah, since yesterday afternoon, “major major” is trending in twitter worldwide. as in those words. 😛

      11 years ago

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