Maxi Mango: Is It Worth the Hype?

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One time, when I was in Glorietta, I noticed a long line of people waiting for their turn to buy a certain mango dessert. Curious, I went closer to that kiosk and saw the brand: Maxi Mango. They were serving some kind of ice cream snack: mango ice cream with mango bits and crushed graham. Truth be told, the queue had me wondering: is it worth waiting in line for? I mean, there were a LOT of people, and it seemed like they were there for some minutes now, very patiently waiting.

Then I left, forgetting about it.

About a month after, I saw Maxi Mango again but this time in Robinsons Galleria. Same thing: long line. It was around dinner time and the queue was already snaking around the tables. It didn’t matter if the people waited for more than 30 minutes — they wanted to buy the Mango Float, the one with the crushed graham.

So I thought, maybe it IS worth waiting in line for. But I didn’t fall in line that time.

I had the chance when we went to Robinsons Galleria a week after, right before we went to mass. Since we arrived as the mall opened, I thought it was a good time to try Maxi Mango out with the family.

There already was a queue, but a lot shorter compared to what I saw the week prior. Took me 10 to 15 minutes to get to the counter to order. I chose the Maxi Mango — with mango puree, mango ice cream, and mango bits — over the Mango Float because I wanted to try the most basic first. (They serve Mango Shakes as well, so if you want something to drink, that’s the one to get).

Maxi Mango
Tried out their basic Maxi Mango. The small cup retails at Php 59.
Maxi Mango Robinsons Galleria
Of course, whose palates do I trust? 😀 Doesn’t show but the kids were excited to try it.

Researching about it, I learned that Maxi Mango was a business venture of a couple from Davao who thought of selling mango floats. They used mangoes sourced from Davao from the soft-serve ice cream to the toppings. (I seriously had no idea that Davao could be a mango-growing region. We usually know of Philippine mangoes from Guimaras and Zambales. And Davao is usually associated with durian.)

The venture started in Davao and has reached Manila via pop-up stores. Now they have regular kiosks in places like SM Mall of Asia and UP Town Center. I heard they recently opened another branch in SM Bacoor. They do franchising as well. Now that’s nice.

And they also have copycats now. Just goes to show how successful the business is. But I think, because they pioneered this mango float-in-a-cup concept and use quality ingredients, Maxi Mango will always be the top-of-mind.

So, is it worth the hype? Definitely YES. It’s worth standing in line for hours, too. Although better if you fall in line as soon as their store opens so that you won’t have to wait long. But if you do get the chance, try Maxi Mango out.

I’ll definitely come back for the Mango Float. Maybe next Sunday. 🙂

Learn more about Maxi Mango by visiting or their Facebook page.

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