Trying Out the Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen

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I love drinking coffee. It’s my go-to beverage when I want a pick-me-upper. That’s why when I was sent a box of Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen, I knew I had to try it out.

Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen

For the record, I’m no sucker for healthy or slimming stuff. But I can always try. 🙂 So days after receiving it, I decided to drink it with my morning meals.

The box contains 10 sachets of coffee mix. The ingredient list caught my attention because it had the following:

  • L-Carnitine, which is said to help in weight loss
  • Collagen that aids in skin, joint, and tissue health
  • Green tea extract, which is an antioxidant
  • Stevia, which is an organic sweetener

It also has non-dairy cream, so I guess it’s a healthier option. Of course, coffee powder is in the mix, too.

Mejie Coffee Ingredients

My verdict:

Taste-wise, I kinda like it. It has a medium-roast flavor to it and doesn’t last long in the tongue. I’m a bigger fan of darker roast, though, but the taste of the Mejie Coffee didn’t fail me at all.

Did it work in reducing weight? Honestly, not sure. I was only able to consume 7 sachets and — well, I’m honest — I didn’t really alter my diet to something like all-greens or anything, haha! If losing 2 lbs is a positive effect, well, then it’s effective.

Was it good for my skin? Again, I think it would take more than 10 sachets to get the full effect. I hope it does have a positive effect.

I guess with the Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen, you have to also go on a less- or no-carb diet to get the full effects. And drink this coffee mix regularly.

Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen is available in boxes of 10 15-gram sachets for Php 250. You can buy it over at

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