Minor mishaps and little miracles

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Clumsy little me. Had a minor accident yesterday.

On the way to work, I tripped and fell on my knee. Good thing, though, that I didn’t land on my tush or, worse, on my belly. Paused for a second, and stood up, analyzing which part of my body hurt.

Good thing the only part that hurt was my right knee, the one which I used to break the fall. No tummy pains, no contractions. I checked for any sign of blood: none. Still, hubby was worried when I Plurked him what happened. Called the OB and told her of the incident that morning. She asked if my belly was aching and if I landed flat on my butt. Nope, none of the above, I told her. She said that it was okay. Check up is still on the scheduled date.

Besides, Zee is still moving around her little nook inside me.

This early, she’s got a guardian angel. And I’m very, very, VERY thankful for that.


Know what else had me worried that time?

Me tripping in front of a newly-opened Jollibee branch just outside our subdivision. During rush hour.

Ack! So humiliating.

What’s weird, though, is that people acted like nothing happened. Like they didn’t see me.

My guardian angel spared me of the shame.

Thank you!!!


Yesterday’s luck was all too weird. After the “tripping incident,” the FX taxi I was riding to work got into a minor accident when a private car suddenly changed lanes. With a scraped bumper, the youngish male driver of the private car alighted and picked a fight with the FX driver.

Good thing FX driver kept his cool.

It was the dude’s fault anyway. Our FX was moving at a slow pace. The car cut to our lane.

Siya pa yung galit. Duh.


The company just issued a check for my SSS maternity benefit.

I just realized they printed my married name on the check. Problem is, all my accounts are still in my maiden surname.

Figured I’d just encash it. Then I realized my company has misspelled my husband’s artistahin surname on my ID.

My new SSS ID with my married name hasn’t arrived yet, considering it’s been three months since the ID capture (damn you, Neri!!!). And they said, “no follow-ups.” Bastards.

Hmm, gotta work my way around this one…


Interestingly, my Adsense is beginning to pick up. Got $3 after two months. Not bad. Thanks sis utotmopink for affirming my belief on Adsense.

MyLot earnings are still pretty slow, but getting there, Bukisa even slower. After my review on the Star Trek movie, I’m still thinking of ideas of what to write next.

And my colleague just offered me a writing raket. Will check this one out.

Hays, earning is so hard nowadays. Hopefully things will get better…


  1. utotmopink

    sis.. i think, you are earning a little slow with adsense ‘cos ads are nowhere to find in your page 🙁

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      hi sis! yung adsense ko is in the Blogger blog, not here. i can’t put adsense here kasi free version ng WP ang gamit ko… i’ll have to have my own domain para makapaglagay ng ads here.

      13 years ago

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