Missing the wedding preparations

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It’s been almost two months since the wedding day, and more than a year since hubby and I started preparing for our wedding. Up to now, I still have this kind of itch that I had during the wedding preps.

It was June of last year when we told our parents that we had plans of getting married. At first, we decided on having a civil wedding (marriage being sealed by the city judge) because it was more practical. But my dad, who is a devout Catholic, believed that marriage should be sanctified by the Church. And believe me, church weddings are actually costly. But we had to bend to his wishes, so after deciding on a date (which kept on moving from June to August 16 to August 9) we went on to look for a church.

We asked around three churches before settling on the “one.” It was suggested by my mother-in-law. The good thing about it is that, though it was a big church, it was pretty much within the budget. Another thing was that it had a function hall at the back which we could use for the reception. Then everything followed: caterer, rings, photographers, dresses, flowers, hotel. In the middle of it all was one of the biggest sacrifices we had to make — saving up for all these things. We scrimped on luxuries, sometimes even food, just to make ends meet.

But in the end, everything settled down perfectly. The culmination of all the preparations was at hand: August 9 came and it was a wonderful day for the both of us, and our families and friends.

Though it’s been wonderful starting my life with the person I love, the time of the wedding preps still plays in my mind. I miss the stress, I miss searching for suppliers, I miss going to bridal fairs. I miss everything about it.

Sometimes I get to think, what if I get into this kind of business? I do love it, though I don’t know if I could handle it.

Well anyways, I get to relive it when my sister gets hitched probably next year. 🙂

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