Mommy diary: Biyahilo

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Zee, Daddy, and Optimus Prime

Last Saturday, hubby, baby, and I went to SM Makati for the Transformers Dark of the Moon Toy Launch. We opted to ride an FX to the venue. Bad move, I guess.

While along C5, Zee started coughing a bit. We kinda sensed that something was wrong. We tried putting her to sleep but she wouldn’t. A few minutes, while in Kalayaan, she started to barf a bit.

We tried keeping her comfortable, but I think Zee really gets dizzy during long drives. We noticed that during our trip to Bohol. I thought it was because of the zigzag roads. Now we know.

Before alighting the FX, she barfed again. On my shirt. Dang. I had to go on an unplanned shopping spree (haha, bought 3 shirts) just because of that. Oh well.

Going home wasn’t as difficult. We opted to take a taxi on the way home. She slept during the ride (she missed her morning sleep anyways).

Great. Just like her mom, Zee’s a biyahilo. Hopefully, it’ll take her a shorter time to recover from that — compared to me that took everyday commutes to and from UST to overcome dizziness during travels.

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