Mommy diary: Bohol 2012

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Wow, it feels weird to write here again. Yeah, I know, it’s been a while. I don’t really remember why I stopped writing in my blog. Boredom? Lack of time? Lack of inspiration?

I just had the urge to type the URL of my blog on the browser and saw it again. And then I realized, I should be writing again. It would be such a shame for this blog to just die like that. No, it won’t go the same way as my previous blogs.

It’ll live.

And I’m giving it its dose of nutrients. Starting with this post.

Mommy, Baby, and Daddy in Bohol, May 2012

Last year, it was just me and Zee who went with my folks to Bohol. This time around, I got to convince hubby to join in. Fortunately, he was allowed to take a week’s worth of leave from work. Yay!

It was his first time to visit Bohol. Same activities as last year, except that this time around we went from one house to another because it was fiesta time. Something I noticed: all of the houses we went into had almost the same food. Lechon, beef/carabao meat strips, and mango/ fruit cocktail float (using MY San’s Crushed Graham Crackers, too). I got to meet uncles/ aunts/ cousins/ nephews/ nieces/ grandparents whom I pretty much don’t know (or recall — the last time I saw them was probably 1990).

Of course, what’s a trip to Bohol without going around. And this year, we got to swim in Panglao and go on the Loboc River cruise. Yay! And we went to the actual Tarsier Sanctuary, too. Hubby was just fascinated at everything he saw. I know he loved the trip and would want to go back again.

Well, my sister and cousins have decided to go back there next year, April 30 to be exact. Let’s see. It’d be nice to go back.


  1. Snappy

    Have you been to Isabela, Region 2? 🙂

    10 years ago
    • moonchild117

      nope, not yet. the farthest i’ve gone north is pagudpod, ilocos norte. 🙂

      10 years ago

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