Mommy diary: Bunso’s first hospital confinement

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So, after a long while, I’m back at blogging. And with a new story to tell. Not a very happy story, but…

See, Thursday last week (as of this writing), we rushed Ayla, our 7-month-old daughter, to the hospital. The night before, she suddenly had fever. At 3 AM, her temperature wasn’t going down and we couldn’t wait until morning to take her to her pedia, so we proceeded to Medical City.

Resident doctors checked on her. No vomiting, no LBM, whatsoever, so they recommended a routine urinalysis just to check for UTI. An hour after we gave Ayla’s urine sample, the test discovered high levels of white blood cells. Which meant infection. Yep, Ayla had UTI.

It wasn’t the first time she had UTI–it was actually the third. Yes, in her 7 months of life, that’s how many times she had UTI, not counting the one when I gave birth to her. The pedia recommended she be confined so that the antibiotics can be given to her via IV, as well as to allow time to receive the results from the urine culture and sensitivity test they did.

It was the longest long weekend of my life.

We were at the emergency room for 13 hours, wherein Ayla kept crying whenever a nurse or doctor checked on her (she actually always cries at the sight of her pedia–she thinks the doctor will put a needle on her again), or when she heard other kids crying, too. At around 4 PM Thursday, we were wheeled in to the room at the hospital’s pedia floor. We spent the next 3 days there, trying to keep the baby near the dextrose (she grew kinda restless and was turning round the bed when her temperature went back to normal) and acquainting her with the nurses and doctors doing their rounds (she stopped crying at nurses Saturday; still needs work with doctors wearing those white coats, hehe!).

What made me feel bad, aside from the ordeal my very young daughter had to endure, was leaving our eldest daughter at home for almost 4 days. Zee was also sick, having recovered from a fever and had (well, still has) severe cough. When I called home Thursday evening, my mom said she was crying. She actually refused to talk to me, though she called the next day and asked when we were coming home. I told her to pray to Jesus for Ayla to get well so that we could come home immediately.

Guess her prayers were heard. Saturday afternoon, our doctor said we could be discharged Sunday morning, after they administer the antibiotics. We’ll continue giving our baby the antibiotics orally for the next 7 days. But she’ll be referring us to a specialist, a pedia nephrologist, to determine the cause of Ayla’s recurring UTI.

Around noon of Sunday was touchdown. We were finally home. Still, no rest for the weary, as we also had to ensure both Ayla’s and Zee’s health.

Right now, both are on medication, Ayla for her UTI and Zee for her cough. I just hope their maladies go away now. It’s so hard for me to see them suffer like that. It makes me worried, especially when I’m not at home (and I can’t always take a leave of absence from work right now). These are the times when I wish I could do Naruto’s shadow clone technique (the Kage Bunshin something-something) so I can do work and take care of the kids at the same time. Sigh.

Then again, no rest for the weary.

Ah, motherhood.


Thanks to everyone who sent their prayers and well-wishes. I truly hope and pray that my kids will feel better soon. With your prayers, I’m sure that will happen. 🙂

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