Mommy Diary: Going on a Field Trip

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Well, going with my daughter on her field trip, to be exact.

Since my eldest’s dad is busy with work, I took the time off to accompany her to the school field trip. Yes, even Grade 3 kids needed chaperones. So there I was.

I take field trips as a way for my kid to travel to places where hubby and I can’t take her (because hubby doesn’t like driving to too far-off places). This year, the itinerary included the Monde Nissin Factory, Gardenia Plant, The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena, and Sweet Field Trip.

Initial thoughts:

– Goodness, the assembly time is 4:30 AM! We left at 5 AM in anticipation of heavy traffic. Doesn’t help that we live in the east side of Metro Manila, where road congestion is the norm.
– Rain. I was concerned that it may hinder the kids from enjoying the trip, with one destination that’s purely outdoorsy.

But good thing the rains stopped on the way to Laguna, where the first 3 destinations were.

So first, we went to Monde Nissin to visit the Lucky Me Noodle Factory. Unfortunately, the plant stopped operations when we arrived. The rains from the night before flooded the lower floor or basement (I think). Since the noodle factory was fully automated — no humans in sight — they had to stop making the noodles. Aww. They people there just gave us a video to watch how noodle-making was done.

Of course, factories have their trade secrets, so no picture-taking allowed. We only had this photo from their official photographer, posted on their Facebook Page.

Lucky Me Noodle Factory Field Trip

That, and the Monde Nissin products that we bought in their store. They were discounted, so why not? #nanaymode

Also, a tip: if you (or your kid’s chaperone) were born in 1979, the year when Monde Nissin was established, you get free noodles. No, seriously, I did (okay so now you know my age, haha!).

Next on the field trip itinerary was the Gardenia Plant Tour. This time, the factory was operational but we were made to watch a video of the history of Gardenia first. Didn’t know that it was a small bakery in Singapore before it branched out throughout Asia and hit big.

Same with the Lucky Me Noodle Factory, no picture-taking inside the factory. You know, trade secrets. But the kids liked what they saw; they were in awe of the machines used to make the bread.

And same with the Lucky Me Noodle Factory, there’s a store where we can buy Gardenia products at a discount. Plus they’re fresh from the factory. I swear, at this point, I got confused whether I went on a field trip or to the grocery.

Gardenia Plant Tour
Zee by the cardboard replica of the big cooling cylinders.
Field Trip
Anlayo ng pinag-grocery-han natin, umabot ng Laguna!

Next stop was my kid’s favorite of all: The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena. Good thing the rains stopped while we were in Laguna, else they wouldn’t have enjoyed this part of the trip.

This time, the tour guides let the kids roam around wherever and whenever they wanted. And the first thing my kid and her classmates did? Ride the zipline.

Prior to alighting the bus, our tour guide asked who wanted to go first on the zipline. And you know kids, they’d want to try things out even if they don’t know what’s in store for them yet. So there, the tour guide put them first in line for the zipline.

To be honest, I was worried that my daughter would buckle and back out. But no, she went through with it. I asked her afterwards of her zipline experience, and she said it was her most favorite of all. Brave kid. 🙂

The Fun Farm Field Trip
All smiles after the zipline. Check out the video of her on the zipline on my IG account.

She also tried horseback riding and riding on the carabao-pulled cart. Okay, so I don’t know how to properly call it in English but you know what I mean.

The Fun Farm Field Trip 2

The Fun Farm Field Trip 3

The Fun Farm Field Trip 4

After a fun time at The Fun Farm, we made our way from Laguna to Taytay, Rizal to visit Sweet Field Trip. Three hours of traffic plus downpour made the travel kinda bad (I experienced migraine upon reaching the place), but at least the kids were entertained by Pennywise. No, really. “It” was playing in the bus and the kids liked it so much that they got upset when the movie was stopped midway. Like WHUT?

So anyway, Sweet Field Trip would have been cooler if the weather was more cooperative. Some activities were meant to be done outdoors and unfortunately, the kids weren’t able to do them. But at least we toured around the place, which had several event venues (a wedding reception was being held as we toured around), catering services, a bakery, and handicraft store where they made and sold export-quality decor.

Sweet Field Trip Taytay

Sweet Field Trip Taytay
The only photos I took at Sweet Field Trip because 1) my batteries were running out and 2) I had migraine the whole time we were there. In fairness, I still managed to help her out in decorating her cupcake.

The kids played some traditional games in the Tent (which, I learned, can accommodate up to 600 guests, WOW!) and decorated their own cupcakes. The venue served us dinner as well (a good way to promote their catering services, hehe!) so everyone’s tummy was full before going home.


– I’m glad to have joined the field trip. Or maybe I should say I’m glad we allowed our daughter to join this year’s field trip. Costs for such activities are pretty heavy on the pocket considering we had to pay for both the kid and the chaperone. But with this one, I think the whole experience — and my kid’s lovely smile — made everything worth the price.

– I wanna go back to The Fun Farm. Yeah me, LOL! Of course, I wanna bring the family. They’d have such a lovely time there. Maybe soon, when the weather is much better.

– I should have remembered to recharge the portable charger. And freed up space on my phone’s memory. Or borrowed a camera. Oh well.

– Bonamine. Dang, I thought I could travel without it.

– I need a copy of “It,” hahaha! The kids did get a bit upset when the tour guide chose not to finish the movie, LOL!

Anyway’s I’m just happy my daughter’s happy with her field trip experience. Will sure be expecting something better next year, haha!

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