Mommy Diary: Flu, Boo-hoo

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down with the flu

Interestingly, this is just my second post for the year (right?). January is pretty much a hectic month for me. And one of the things that’s been keeping me busy are my kids, particularly their health.

Some days before the New Year, I got worried that my kids would get affected by the smoke caused by the fireworks outside. I stocked Salbutamol nebules just in case. But what a relief, none of my kids (and my siblings who were asthmatic) had any health issues at the turn of 2019.

Until both girls went to school.

Bunso was the first to get sick. Monday, she was A-OK. She started sniffling Tuesday after class. Then she coughed and had fever. We gave her Paracetamol and brought her to the pedia for a check-up. Turns out, many kids contracted flu at the start of the year. All the kids in the clinic were either coughing, sniffling, or feeling feverish.

The doctor recommended nebulization and rest. So bunso was absent for about a week. She got better immediately.

After that, it was eldest’s turn to experience flu-like symptoms. It started about two weeks after bunso’s. Second week of January, almost half of the class was absent. I learned from my co-parents that their kids also had colds, cough, and fever. Some of them were even rushed to the pediatric ER of a nearby hospital because of high temperature. Eldest didn’t experience such until this weekend, upon coming home from her school’s overnight Spiritual Camp. The sniffles started at noontime and her temperature peaked at 39 degrees in the afternoon. Administered Paracetamol that Saturday. It was an on-and-off fever, and since she had a competition to be in this week (it was yesterday, Tuesday, as of this writing), we went to the pedia ER Sunday evening. Had CBC, but no significant findings. Viral infection, the doctor said. Nebulization, Paracetamol, and two days rest were the instructions.

As of today, she’s a lot better but we’re still continuing the meds.

And then bunso again is sick today. Well, since yesterday. Fever again. A bit of coughing. What’s bothering us is that she’s lost her appetite and energy. The last time she was sick, we had a hard time keeping her still. Today, she’s just lying in bed and being clingy to her Lolo. And that’s not her usual self. So they took her to the hospital and she’s had a CBC as well. Same with her sister, no significant findings. Diagnosis: viral infection.

It really sucks, seeing your kids sick. I can’t even concentrate at work because I’m thinking how my girls are.

I read in the news that the cold weather is helping spread virus that makes us sick. And we are all susceptible to it. Hmm, we’ll be experiencing cold weather until February, which means there’s a chance that a lot of people would be contracting flu and other illnesses.

Well, I guess we all have to double up our vitamin intake. Sucks to get sick. And it really pains me more to see my kids unwell.

Hopefully, they’d get better soon and their illness won’t recur.

Stay safe and well, too, dear reader!

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