Mommy diary: Moving up, moving out, moving on?

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My daughter’s having her Moving Up Ceremony next week. Happy for her to have breezed through Nursery.

Now the thing that’s on my mind right now is whether to let her stay in her present school or transfer her to another for next school year.

She’s enrolled in a sort-of neighborhood school that’s just a few meters from our house. But I want to enroll her to big school/ private school. Since she’ll be in Kinder next school year, I’m wondering if I should transfer her when she’s about to go to Grade 1.

My mom said it’s better for her to start Kinder in the big school already so she won’t have a hard time transitioning to Grade 1.

Now I’m confused.

Transferring her to the big school would also mean bigger expenses for hubby and me. Bigger tuition plus school bus fees… and she’ll probably miss her “barkada” (well, some of them will be transferring schools, too).

I’m also after the quality of education, though. Hubby and I have looked into some big schools in the Pasig area and I have one in mind where we can enroll my kid.

But I feel that transferring her now, when she’s going to Kinder would be a bit too drastic for everyone, including my daughter.

Oh well, I really have to think this through with my hubby. Hopefully I can get some advice from other moms out there, too.

How about you? What are your thoughts on transferring your child from one school to another? When’s the best time for that?

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