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Zee's Certificate of Merit for the First Quarter
Zee’s Certificate of Merit for the First Quarter

Yep, my daughter is the Top 4 in their class for the first quarter. Proud moment for us. To be honest, we didn’t really pressure my kid into studying that’s why we’re very happy that she’s one of the top students among her peers.

My dad, though, was like, “Kung hindi siguro siya nanampal ng kaklase, number 2 siguro siya.”

Ah yes, there was a time when my daughter was in a foul mood for, like, forever. It was when she was under medication for her cough, when she was taking salbutamol nebs. I think that was a side effect. Zee’s moods are better now.

Anyhoo, hubby and I don’t really care whatever her ranking is in class. She’s still in Nursery, for goodness’ sake, and I don’t want to put too much stress on her little body just because I want to see her with a medal and all.

I mean, I wasn’t an achiever during my student days. Didn’t make it to the Top 10 of the class (we were around 40 to 50 in a class), but I did well and I am doing well in my career.

So even if Zee’s #15 in class, I wouldn’t mind. What’s important is that she learns how to handle things in life and hurdle the challenges that come her way.

But okay, for now, I’ll relish the fact that she does well in school. Hopefully, until she grows up, she would still have that unquenchable thirst for knowledge and never get tired of learning.

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